We are fully committed to finding the best homes and humans for our Rommies. This means that we help the dogs while they are in the care of the shelters, but once you decide to offer a home to one of these lovely rescues, we will match the most suitable dogs with your requirements and taste and will guarantee life long rescue back up (RBU) may things not go to plan. 9

RBU means you can get support and advice throughout your whole adoption experience, and, if for any reason the adoption fails, the dog or cat will be taken back by the rescue with whom you’ve signed the adoption contract.

There is a recommended minimum donation for adopting a dog from us, which is currently at £440 with an additional recommended donation where the dog is to be delivered to you in more remote parts of the UK. We will administer all necessary vaccines, sterilise the dog if of age, perform all blood tests, and arrange for a professional transport van with all-mod-cons to bring your furry friend to you in style.

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Read below to find out everything about adopting one of our Rescues

What do I do if I just want more information before deciding whether or not to proceed?

Complete an enquiry form by following this link and a member of the team will either contact you via email or telephone you. Please state your preferred form of contact when completing the form.

I’ve decided I want to adopt. What do I do now?

Beneath the photographs and information for each dog you will find an adopt button. Click this button and it will take you to a form to complete.

ADOPT button

Once the form is received a member of the team will contact you to discuss your application. This will involve completing a more detailed form, usually taking about half an hour. We aim to contact you within 3 days of receiving the form. 

What happens after I have spoken to someone at RRA?

Provided both you and we are happy to proceed then we will contact the rescue responsible for rehoming the dog to you. With your consent, we will share your information. At this point the rescue concerned will contact you directly and they may ask you to complete their own information gathering forms. 

If my application is successful, what happens next?

The rescue concerned will organise a home check. A volunteer will visit your home and go through a more thorough information gathering process. They will assess the security of your garden. With your permission, they will take photographs of your garden to send to the rescue, along with the completed information. 

How long before I know whether I have passed the home check?

The waiting time will vary depending on how long it takes for the home checker to send the report to the rescue concerned, and then how long it is before the team have the opportunity to look at the report . All home checkers and those who run the rescues are volunteers, some in full time employment. However, as a rule of thumb you should allow up to a week, sometimes a little more, before you hear back from the rescue. If you are at all concerned we are happy to follow things up for you.

I’ve passed my homecheck, what do I do now?

Each rescue concerned will tell you the next steps and keep in touch with you. They will require an initial donation. This will be used to send to the rescuer to help start preparing the passport for the dog or cat to travel. We will keep in touch with you also and send you video and photos of your chosen dog.

How long before my dog travels to the UK?

The majority of our dogs are ready to travel as soon as transport can be arranged for them. This can take 2 or 3 weeks, possibly more, but the rescues will decide travel dates in consultation with you.

Do I have to collect my dog?

In most cases your dog will be delivered to your door. However, if you live in a particularly inaccessible part of the UK then we can discuss with you what other arrangements may need to be made. You will be required to have a slip lead for a dog, and possibly a collar and harness. More support about handover and what to expect in those early days will be given to you by the individual rescues concerned, and by ourselves, prior to travel.

Can I track the progress of the transport?

Yes. Once a transport is underway you will be invited to join the chat on Facebook Messenger. This chat will have all the other adopters and volunteers from the rescues, plus the drivers and the transport co-ordinators. From time-to-time the transport team may post live location and updates on progress. If there is an opportunity to take photographs when they stop to feed the animals and clean cages, then photos of your dogs in transit will be posted on chat. 

How will I know what time to expect my dog?

No estimated times of arrival (etas) will be posted on chat until the transport has cleared customs in the UK. Once they have worked out a schedule it will be posted on chat. Obviously the etas are a guide only and changes can occur due to traffic or weather conditions. Changes will also be posted to chat, so it is important to look out for updates. As a postcode has been reached chat will be updated with an eta for the next postcode on the list. 

Do they only deliver during the day?

No, you need to be prepared to accept your dog anytime of the day or night. Half the magic is receiving your new addition whilst in you PJs at 3am! 

Will I get any paperwork from the driver?

Yes. You will be given a passport and a copy of any relevant paperwork. Your dog will be scanned by the driver before handing to you in order to make sure the chip matches the information on the passport. 

How and when do I pay?

All rescues will require the adoption donation before your dog leaves Romania. This is because they need to pay for transport a couple of days before it is due to leave, in order to secure the place. They also need to pay the rescuer for the cost of vaccinations, passport and tests etc. Payment can be via PayPal or bank transfer. Each rescue will give you details.

Will I get a contract?

Yes. A contract will be sent to you in the post or via email, which you are asked to sign and return before your dog travels. 

How long should I keep my dog inside for before letting them outside?

You will be advised by the rescues before your dog arrives about how to help them settle but no dog should leave the premises for the first 48 hours. Dogs may go into the garden, on a harness and slip lead, but not outside of the perimeter.  The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) require that any animal delivered directly to you should remain in quarantine in your home for a period of 48 hours. During this 48 hour period they may contact you to arrange a visit. This is standard practice and nothing at all to be concerned about. They simply visit to scan the microchip and check the passport is in order. The transport company will contact DEFRA and let them know the dog is travelling to you. You do not need to do anything.

Who do I contact if I need any advice going forward?

All rescues ask that you join their groups for adopters on Facebook. We too have a group for dogs adopted from the shelter and we would be delighted to see photos and videos and updates of their new lives with you. You can keep in touch with the rescue and with us through these groups, or use the chats which have been set up for you. If you have any worries at all, contact the rescues concerned, or ourselves. We are all here to support you.

How much is it to adopt a dog?

If adopting through Romanian Rescue Appeal then the donation we will suggest to cover the costs of preparing and trasporting the dog to you will be £440. If you live in Scotland, Wales or further areas of England we may need a little more. If you are located in a different country, we will confirm amounts with you once we have gotten the details from the transport company.

What vaccinations will my dog have?

Your dogs  will have the annual vaccinations against the most common diseases, including distemper, parvovirus, rabies and kennel cough.

How can I be sure my dog is healthy?
  • Before travel dogs are tested for the 6 most common diseases (including heartworm) using the Caniv 4 test. They are also tested for giardiasis and babasiosis. Our vet will see them a few days before travel and pass them fit, or not. They will also be given worm and flea treatment. 
How do I register the microchip?

Our volunteers will do that for you. You will receive an email invitation to open an online account from the database so that you can easily keep your details up to date. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks from when your dog arrives as it normally takes that long.

What do I do if I need help?

You can either contact the rescue, or you can contact us using the link below. You can also use the chat that was set up for you initially, post a message on the adopters group, or you can email us at [email protected]k.com. Everyone involved in the rehoming process is happy to offer support and advice.

What happens if I need to give up my dog?

If for any reason you need to rehome your dog, then please contact the rescue with whom you signed the adoption contract, or ourselves. The rescue will arrange to collect the dog from you and place them either in foster, or in kennels, until a new home can be found for them. This may take a few days, or in some cases longer, but rest assured the rescue will take the dog back. Under no circumstances should a rescue animal be sold on or euthanised because you no longer want it or can no longer care for it.

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