We are fully committed to finding the best homes and humans for our Rommies. This means that we help the dogs while they are in the care of the shelters, but once you decide to offer a home to one of these lovely rescues, we will match the most suitable dogs with your requirements and taste and will guarantee life long rescue back up (RBU) may things not go to plan.

RBU means you can get support and advice throughout your whole adoption experience, and, if for any reason the adoption fails, the dog will be taken back by the rescue with whom you’ve signed the adoption contract.

There is a recommended minimum donation for adopting a dog from us, which is currently at £440 with an additional recommended donation where the dog is to be delivered to you in more remote parts of the UK. We will administer all necessary vaccines, sterilise the dog if of age, perform all blood tests, and arrange for a professional transport van with all-mod-cons to bring your furry friend to you in style.

Before you complete the adoption/foster form, please read through our adoption/foster policies below:

Children in the household must be 6 years old and above. If you have visiting children, we will look at each application individually. We cannot adopt to you if you are pregnant or planning to be in the near future.

Your garden must be fully secure – no gaps that a dog can escape from. Fencing as standard should be 6ft. Please bear in mind this includes gates. If you are willing to add additional height to your boundries using trellis or similar, your application can be considered and we will need to see proof that appropriate work has been completed to ensure the required height.

We can accept applications from people in flats (Ground and First Floor only) If you do not have direct access to a private garden, only some dogs will be suitable and please be respectful of this.

We cannot accept applications from people living in house shares

In the meantime, we would be grateful for any donation you may want to make to help us feed the dogs still in Romania in these difficult times.

Thanks and we hope you and your loved ones keep safe.

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