We have been rescuing dogs from the streets and public shelters of Romania since 2014 and rehoming them in the UK. Our mission has always been to try and effect permanent change to the standards of animal welfare in Romania, after the plea of those poor animals became so dear to the hearts of our trustees and volunteers. We have always worked with local authorities and will continue to do so, hoping one day no dog will go mistreated in Romania.

As part of our mission, we want to set up a standard for dogs and cats transport from safe shelters to their furever homes. To this aim, we secured funding to purchase 2 vans and start our own transport service with trusted drivers and registered premises we export from. We operate in compliance with all UK and Romanian regulations relevant to the export and import of animals pursuant to EU and UK directives. We hold Type 2 Long Journey Transporter licences in Romania (which covers our operations in all countries member of the EU), issued by the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, and the UK, issued by the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

100% of the revenues go toward funding the transport service and feeding our dogs in the shelters. None of our volunteers and trustees in the UK receives any wages or incentives.

Our drivers have achieved certificates of competency for the transport of small animals, and we only carry our dogs and those of partner rescues who have achieved authorised importer status with APHA. We have set minimum testing and vaccination requirements for dogs and cats to travel on our vans to ensure the safety of our most valuable passengers (your future companions), our drivers, and the general public. We designed our contingency plans to a painstaking level of detail to ensure we know what to do may anything go wrong while in transit. We make regular pit stops to check on the furbabies and we maintain regular communications with rescues and adopters.

We cross Europe via Hungary, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and then we board the train and cross the Eurotunnel to Folkestone. We hold full insurances across all the countries we cross and the UK and we have agreements with garages to get the vehicles regularly serviced. We inspect the vans after each journey to make sure we address any potential issues. The comfort of your furbabies is our priority and as a team made up of adopters and rescuers we are most aware of the needs of these beautiful companions while they make their way to you.

Please have a look at the pictures below and fill in a contact form may you need our services and wish to get in touch. We are also available by email at [email protected] and on WhatsApp at +44 7418 608770

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