Our Mission

Romanian Rescue Appeal (RRA) was started in 2014 in order to help resolve the situation of stray dogs in Romania. Since the 1980s, the failures of the national government have led to a huge population of stray dogs being targeted on the street and tortured in public shelters.

RRA aims to make a difference to all this. We take a systemic approach and add value to each step of the chain that brings these dogs from the deprivation on the streets in Romania, to living long healthy life in loving homes in the UK. We carry out spay campaigns to control the population. We rescue dogs from an agonizing death that is certain in a public shelter. We raise precious funds to feed them and provide them with shelter and veterinary care. We advertise them on a variety of channels to find them forever homes and assess all applicant thoroughly to match them to the perfect dog for them. We care just as much for the adopter and the adoptee.

All our staff in the UK are volunteers. We do not waste a single penny and reinvest all donations on the dogs. We need your help to do this. Please find out more on how you can support us.

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