Find out more about what we are building for these unlucky dogs

RRC outside kennels

The outside of the RRC has a roofed area that would be suitable for 48 individual kennels. Here, we could care for those dogs who are too traumatised to share with others. Each kennel would cost £90 and you can read more about this project here . Please help us build these kennels

Each kennel will have fresh water supply and drainage to make sure the dogs’ bedrooms are kept clean and disease free. This will improve massively the quality of their lives and contribute to reducing our vet bills. Each kennels needs £50 in plumbing and pipes to be ready. Please consider purchasing these for the 92 kennels.


Each kennel will need waterproof roof for the dogs to not have to suffer from the rain as well as find shelter from the hot rays of the Romanian sun in those very long summers while they dream of their furever home. There are 92 kennels and the roof will cost £4,600 for all of them. Please donate to buy a panel or more.

We have 2 barns in good conditions which need to be fitted with 92 kennels, each hosting up to 4 dogs. Each kennel costs £600 in bricks, cement, grids and labour. YOU CAN GET YOUR NAME ON ONE OF THEM IF YOU PAY FOR ONE IN FULL OR SHARE WITH UP TO 2 MORE PEOPLE! Please help us give the dogs a home


Each kennel will need approx 7 litres of paint , which will cost pretty close to £70 per kennel. These paint will stop viruses and bugs from surviving in the space between the bricks, giving them a healthier life and reducing vet bills. We have 92 kennels to paint internally. Please help us raise the £6,440 we need to paint the kennels.

In order to improve the cleanliness and hygiene of the outside spaces, we need to make sure weeds and plants that are likely to attract parasites or offer housing to viruses are regularly cut. For that, we need 3 powerful lawn mowers that will last for a long time. Please click to help us buy these.

Row of large green wheelie bins for rubbish, recycling and garden waste

We are looking at having around 400 dogs at the Rescue Centre, which will involve a lot of waste being produced between food packaging, cleaning accessories and so on. In order to keep the dogs safe, we need to make sure there are enough bins around to dispose of the rubbish. They only cost £30 each, can you help us to get a few please?

We will need to take out an insurance policy to cover the premises from any accidents or emergency, to cover us in case of any injury to staff while performing their duties, to cover any volunteers giving their time at the RRC and protect any of the special equipment we will need to acquire. Help us insure the RRC, please.

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