Making a Will or updating your existing Will are methods of making sure that those you care about will be looked after and that the proceeds of your estate reaches the people or causes that you really want to benefit.

Making your Will is simpler than you might think.

It’s very important that you have your will written as you would wish as it decides what happens to your assets when you pass away.
It can be helpful to list everything you could include in a Will including property, money and other assets. Your Will should include all of your property. If it doesn’t, then some of your assets could pass to people who you did not intend to leave it to.
It’s worth thinking about who you would want to benefit from your Will: your family and friends, your favoured charities, and make a note their names and addresses.
You should also decide on your executors, who would be responsible for administering your estate and it’s usual to appoint two executors just in case one is not available when the time comes. Executors can be trusted family members, friends or a professional advisor or solicitor.

Your Will should clearly reflect your wishes as you will not be able to explain what you meant after you have gone.

You should always follow the laws of Will making which is why it is always advisable to use a professional. You should always be required to sign your Will and have it properly witnessed. If your Will is not legal, it could mean that your wishes may not be carried out as you would have wanted.
The best way to make a Will that is legally recognised is to go to a professional advisor, such as a solicitor. They will be able to talk you through the process of making your Will and then prepare your Will which will adhere to the laws of Will making.
It may seem a way to save some money by making your own homemade Will but this is not recommended as it can lead to problems after you’ve gone. If there were to be a problem with your Will, this could be very distressing for your loved ones as well as costly as only the court will be able to provide a definite answer.

For help finding a Solicitor please visit the Law Society website

You already have a Will
Many people make a Will and think that is all they need to do. However, your circumstances can change over time and so it is always advisable to review your Will every few years to make sure it still reflects your wishes.

You would like to update your Will
If you have already made your Will and decide that you would like to add a gift to Romanian Rescue Appeal, a codicil is a cost effective method of doing it. Adding a codicil to your Will enables you to leave a donation to Romanian Rescue Appeal while still making sure that your other provisions remain the same and you won’t have the cost of your Will being rewritten.
The following wording for a codicil may be helpful when you visit your legal advisor:
“I (name) of (address) declare this to be my first codicil to my last Will dated (date). I give (details of legacy) to Romanian Rescue Appeal, Registered Charity Number: 1161037, 3rd Floor, 166 Upper Richmond Road, London, SW15 2SH for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the Treasurer or duly authorised officer shall be valid and appropriate form of discharge. In all other respects I confirm my will.

You can find some suggested wording to be included in your will for the different types of gifts in our Downloadable Will Guide

Thank you so much for your continued support for the work of Romanian Rescue Appeal and working with us to make these dogs’ lives worth living, now and in the future. It would not be possible without your kindness and generosity.

For more information about leaving a gift in your Will please do contact us to talk in confidence using the form below to request a call or read more about the difference your legacy gift can make to the dogs saved by Romanian Rescue Appeal or the types of Legacy gifts you can make.

Thank you

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