We were contacted today by a local rescuer in Galati asking for help to save this mum with 5 puppies. They live in a church yard and the priest threatened to call the horrible dog catchers to take them to a public shelter, where torture or death would be their fate. They are 5 pups plus their mum, all very friendly and lovely and used to people. The mum is about 2 and the pups are around 2 months old.

We have made them some space at our Rescue Centre and the manager will go to pick them up shortly. We are hoping to offer them the chance this clergy man couldn’t give them and we need your help to:

  1. Pay for their vet bills by donating below or by PayPal sending “friends and family” to [email protected] or by bank to ROMANIAN RESCUE APPEAL, Sort Code: 404731 Account Number: 24613333
  2. Sponsor them until they find a forever home
  3. Adopt them and offer them a loving family.

Please help us offering them a chance of a better life. Thanks

5 pups and their mum from the Church need your help, please

£15 of £600 raised

Thank you for landing on this page, Joe will appreciate any donation you can make. His vet fees have been fairly large due to xrays and the procedures he has had to have as well as the support he will need to fully recover. As a Charity we appreciate any help towards these costs. Also, please do not forget to complete the Gift Aid form just below once you have donated so that we can claim an extra 25% on top of your donation from HMRC at no extra cost for you.

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Donation Total: £15.00

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