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The company that runs Eurotunnel has today, without prior notice, changed their policy regarding the commercial transport of dogs, cats, and ferrets from 20 per vehicle, to 5 per vehicle. Although we are a charity, the transport agent we use to transport the pets to the UK have to be commercially registered as per EU regulations.

This decision was made by the company that runs the eurotunnel. There have been no changes to the laws and regulations within the UK and Europe regarding the import and export of dogs, cats and ferrets.

This decision is commercially driven and does not take into account the need of all these animals and the impact it will have on rescues and charities rehoming pets from the rest of Europe.

We urge to you sign the petitions below, to help us reach governments and public bodies, and please send a complaint to Le Shuttle if this impacts you or anyone you know. Links below:

We feel heartbroken as winter is setting in. We all want to help as many of these poor dogs and cats to find homes before the temperatures plummet to minus 30, and this sudden change will cripple our ability to get these poor souls to thier new homes. We need your help more than ever, because if we don’t fight it, this could condemn all our dogs to a life in the shelters.



Petition to UK Government:https://petition.parliament.uk/pet…/561131/moderation-info

Petition on Change: https://www.change.org/…/eurotunnel-le-shuttle-reverse…

Contact Eurotunnel:https://help.eurotunnel.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new

Find your MP’s details:https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

Template email to your MP:https://rrauk.com/…/template-letter-to-your-local-mp/

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