This is Azorel. Our shelter staff we told about him hiding along a main road. He was dumped by his owners and then appears to have been hit by a car. The poor boy cans move his legs. We need funds to get him xrays scans and tests.

Azorel was full of ticks and worms and has needed a shave. His infection is being treated and wounds cleaned daily to make sure they heal. The staff couldn’t feel any spinal fractures during his initial examination, nor this this sweet boy demonstrate any pain down his spin.

This could mean he is now paralysed. Please if can spare a few pounds may you donate towards his care?

Azorel will need medical care for his legs

£500 of £500 raised

Thank you for landing on this page, Joe will appreciate any donation you can make. His vet fees have been fairly large due to xrays and the procedures he has had to have as well as the support he will need to fully recover. As a Charity we appreciate any help towards these costs. Also, please do not forget to complete the Gift Aid form just below once you have donated so that we can claim an extra 25% on top of your donation from HMRC at no extra cost for you.

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Donation Total: £15.00

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