DOB Nov 2013


Medium (18kg)

UK foster (London)

LOCATION: London (E17)
HOME: Adult only home
Cats/Small Animals: No

The lovely Corky is a 7 year old boy looking for his forever home. He is currently living in a foster home in London (E17)
Corky is playful, affectionate and full of character. He will paw for strokes and grunt for attention, and loves nothing more than company and chasing his squeaky pheasant.

He’s incredibly responsive, be it calling him to his bed, away from the front door or to move from the sofa to his bed at night time. That said, he’s clever and stubborn when he wants to be! Cheese, sausages and roast chicken might not do it. But ultimately he wants to please so he will do as he’s asked.

He is fully house trained and, since arriving in his UK foster home, he has learned to sleep and go to his bed at night, walk on a lead and follow a routine. After a morning walk he will happily spend the day in his basket snoozing and listening to the traffic until his evening walk.

He’s very good with all dogs (puppies through to big, less friendly dogs) and is always keen for a sniff and a wrestle if possible. If he meets a dog he’s unsure of he cowers rather than reacting.

Corky’s challenge is that he has become possessive of his UK foster and is not allowing guests into the house or garden. He will happily watch a delivery person from the top of the stairs without reacting, but is not happy about people entering the house. When called, the aggression stops, but treats and soft voices haven’t been sufficient to deescalate situations all together (see stubborn point above!). Corky will need dedicated work on this with a dog behaviourist, a quiet home with limited guests and a home big enough that he could be shut away / trained in enough space when guests do come round.

He’s friendly with all people out of the house (in the park and even in pubs, shops and cafes!), and if unsure of something (eg someone with a trolley) he’ll cautiously watch rather than react.

He doesn’t like very loud noises – motorbikes, cars with loud exhausts, fireworks and will attempt to bolt home if he hears them so will need to be walked on a lead and long line in open spaces where this is a risk.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to offer Corky a loving forever home, please do get in touch.

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