DOB 01/04/2019



UK foster (Stockport)

HOME ENVIRONMENT: Adult only home/no children/small animals

DOGS: needs to be only dog.

🐾 Benji is a young lab-cross who found himself in one our Romanian shelters through no fault his own as his previous owners moved abroad. He arrived in the UK at the beginning of March, is now in a foster home and is looking for a new home.

🐶 Benji is a playful and affectionate boy looking for experienced owners who understand the requirements of a nervous dog.

♥️ He loves to sleep the day away, curling up on the sofa – the peace and quiet of the home is where he feels most comfortable. He is learning how to play with toys, he chews balls and loves a peanut butter filled kong. Benji loves an ear tickle too. In-between naps he has bursts of energy and loves zoomies around the table! He is clean in the house, good with his food and knows to sit and wait for his dinner.

🏡 Where Benji needs help and understanding is with the outside world. He finds busy environments overwhelming where he becomes reactive, ie bikes, scooters, people running etc. He doesn’t particularly enjoy having a harness put on – it makes him anxious prior to going for a walk. He is also anxious in the car. He sensitive to certain areas being touched (tummy and paws). He has not been cat tested and has tried to chase a neighbours cat, so needs a home with no other animals. He will also bark if he sees people outside the home.

👫👬👭 For this reason we are looking for patient and understanding adult only home where Benji will get lots of love and positive reinforcement. He would love to be in a quiet environment in a rural or semi-rural area without too many visitors and a garden he can roam around in. Adopters must have experience with rescue and/or nervous dogs.

If you meet the criteria above, and can give Benji a loving home, we would love to hear from you.

Benji (was Taz)
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