DOB 01/10/2012

Grey + white


UK foster (Durham)

Sandor was one of our long term shelter residents, who is now living in the UK in foster care (Durham). After such a long time in a shelter, Sandor is learning to trust his humans and relax in a home environment. He is enjoying his new life but will need a patient, experienced owner who is prepared to build his trust put by putting the time and commitment into his ongoing training.

He is a lovely, gentle, chilled boy who loves peace, quiet and relaxation. He is clean in the house, walks well on the lead and is enjoying his walks – he loves to take his time having a sniff about and explore his surroundings. He has only been off lead in a secure field so recall is one of things that will need to be worked on. He hasn’t been phased by things like traffic, other dogs etc and seems to be taking things in his stride.

He lives alongside resident dogs with no problem. Whilst he doesn’t always want to play with them; instead preferring to do his own thing, he does enjoy their company and could benefit from having another calm, confident dog in the home.
Sandor has been left with no issues, albeit for very short periods – again this is something new owners will need to take into consideration.

Sandor does have a fear of being in the car – his foster carers are working on this and he is improving; learning to associate being in the car with fun things, but this will take time and patience.

Sandor would suit a quiet and peaceful adult only home where someone is around most of the time and without too many visitors. A quiet home, where he can have slow walks and relax to his heart’s content would make Sandor very happy.

Sandor was cat tested whilst in the shelter, but has not lived cats since his arrival in his foster home

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