DOB 03/09/2017



Romania (CA)

Little Whitie has had a tough start in life, having been thrown into the public shelter (Mihailesti) with his mum after his siblings were killed at the roadside. At just 10 months old, he was rescued and brought to safety but fell ill with Pneumonia, which was successfully treated. He is now safe and being looked after in a small, private foster shelter but would love a home of his own. Whitie was initially incredibly shy, but is now getting more used to people with the help of his carers. He is good with other dogs and would happily be rehomed with a canine companion. Whitie desperately needs some luck in his life, so please click on the adopt button and fill out the form if you could help him. If you are not in the position to foster or adopt but would still like to help, please consider sponsoring a dog instead.

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