DOB 01/04/2016

Brown + white



Lucky (5) was rescued from the public shelter in 2016 as a tiny puppy. Already he had experienced far more than a dog should ever have to. He was so terrified of people that we did not think he would ever be adoptable. However, after four years we believe he is ready to start a new journey. He will need an experienced home with another friendly dog to help give him confidence as he is very wary of people. Staff at the shelter can now touch him, but he needs somebody who can give him plenty of time, patience and love.

We know that there is someone out there for Lucky: could it be you? Please click on the adopt button and fill out the form if you could help our beautiful Lucky. If you are not in a position to foster or adopt but would still like to help, please consider sponsoring a dog instead.

Lucky (5)
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