DOB 07.09.2017




Savanna Neema is very overwhelmed by shelter life and is sadly struggling. Due to so many dogs being around her, she retreats to a corner and stays there. We have put her in our office room, but she now refuses to leave it. In her ‘safe space’, she is very friendly and will jump and beg for affection. However, if we put her outside again, she will not even come near us. This gives us hope that if someone could give her a quieter home, she would come out of her shell and become the lovely dog we know she is. She is good with other dogs as long as they are not dominant as that worries her. She is very close with another shy dog here named Pink.

We are desperate to get Savanna Neema out of the shelter as this is not the environment for her. Please get in touch with us if you could offer her a foster or forever home. If you are not in a position to adopt but would still like to help, please consider sponsoring a dog instead.

Savanna Neema (Urgent)
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